Marilyn Foster: Amazing outdoor experiences await in Norway

When I think of Norway, I think of those cute little garden gnomes, the ones with those little red hats and white beards called nisse. These mischievous gnomes are part of the Scandinavian culture and you can learn much more about this fascinating country on a Collette Vacations tour scheduled for July 10 a beautiful time to experience this amazingly scenic country.

The Highlights of Norway Tour features seven nights and 12 meals, plus you’ll see some amazing scenery from towering mountains and amazing waterfalls to quaint villages. If you are an outdoor enthusiast and love photography, this is certainly the trip for you! History and culture buffs will enjoy learning the traditions and hearing about the mighty Vikings.

The tour begins in Oslo, Norway’s capital. Here, you will visit the famous Viking Ship Museum where three ancient ships are on display. The Vikings were mighty seafaring explorers.

Then, it’s off to the famous fjord region via the renown Flam Railway, one of the steepest train rides and most beautiful train journeys in the world, climbing 3,000 feet past waterfalls, mountains and picturesque valleys. Those who love trains will thrill at this opportunity. Once in Loen, you’ll have the opportunity to climb a glacier in a “troll car.” Loen is located in the very heart of Norway.

As you progress to Geiranger, you’ll take a fjord cruise. Geiranger is considered the very crown of Norwegian fjords and has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is considered the most spectacular sight in all of Norway and the most scenically outstanding fjord area on the planet.

The tour ends in the Viking city of Bergen where the iconic Bryggen harbor front is so historic that it is a UNESCO site.

While it seems a long way to travel, the sites you will see are worth every moment of the journey. If you want more time in this amazingly scenic part of the world, Collette offers an unguided pre tour in Stockholm, Sweden and/or a guided post-tour in Iceland.

I’ve traveled to Scandinavia and can tell you that the sights are like no where else I have been. But, know in advance, that the Scandinavian countries are quite expensive. But, I think it’s worth it.

Check out the itinerary on the travel club page at and come learn first hand about the trip from the Collette travel representative on Nov. 11 at 11 a.m. Please RSVP to 882-1565. Space is limited.

Marilyn has traveled to many countries with many more on her bucket list. She is 90 and always has a bag packed.


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