Do pets enjoy Halloween costumes?

I never realize how big Halloween is for dog and cat lovers. According to the National Retail Federation, it is estimated that 16 percent of American’s plan on dressing their pets in costumes and will spend approximately $1.5 billion.

OK, I admit I’m one of those people, and Watson does have a red devil dog costume. I figured he liked dressing up and enjoyed the attention, but I may have to rethink my opinion after reading “Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell and Know” by Dr. Alexandra Horowithz.

Dr. Horowithz maintains that dogs may actually think their human handlers are scolding them when they dress them up. Dogs had wolf-like ancestors, and wolves will cover a subservient wolf’s body with their own as a form of reprimand.

When you cover your dog’s body with a costume, it might seem like you are correcting his behavior or shaming him. Dr. Horowithz suggests testing your dog’s temperament toward a costume by putting a T-shirt on him and observing the reaction.

If your dog ducks to get away, keeps his body tight and low with tail down, or ears back, that’s submissive behavior and signals duress. When you observe any of these actions it’s time to reconsider putting a costume on him.

After trying the devil costume on Watson again, I noticed he looked embarrassed. Alright, maybe I’m reading too much into his expression, but I want Halloween to be all treats no tricks for my BFF and Watson is going as Watson. Happy Halloween!


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