City, county vow to protect community

People entering Fallon will see reminders about keeping safe
and healthy from the COVID pandemic.

People entering Fallon will see reminders about keeping safe and healthy from the COVID pandemic.

Governments being proactive to reduce effects of COVID

“Your city and county leaders remain well prepared and unwavering in our diligence in taking the steps necessary to protect our community.”

Fallon Mayor Ken Tedford and Churchill County Commission Chairman Pete Olsen have delivered individual messages to assure residents local government is doing all it can to keep residents safe. Each speech has been posted on the city and county websites.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Gov. Steve Sisolak has ordered only essential businesses and services to remain open, and restrictions have been placed on the number of people who can gather in a specific area. In a Sunday press conference, President Donald Trump said social distancing guidelines will be extended until the end of April.

Tedford said he hopes efforts being undertaken by local, state and federal governments will help flatten the curve of people affected by COVID.

“As leaders tasked with ensuring health, safety and welfare of our community, we don’t have the luxury of not preparing, of not planning and more importantly of not taking proactive steps of protecting our citizens, businesses and community as a whole,” Tedford said.

Tedford said he applauds Sisolak’s courage and decision making and urges county residents to follow the governor’s lead.

Locally, Tedford said the city has a coronavirus committee that meets regularly with the county and Banner Churchill Community Hospital. By working with the Board of Health, he said the city and county can identify resources in the community and obtain other needed resources. Both the city and county have issued a Declaration of Emergency that makes it easier to obtain funding and resources to help battle the pandemic.

Tedford said the city has suspended utility turnoffs and is working with businesses to mitigate impacts caused by the restrictions and guidelines. He also reiterated past announcements to re-emphasize the temporary closing of city offices, the Old Post Office, the City-County Gym, Oats Park Gym and the Fallon Convention Center pubic access. Likewise, the county has closed its offices to the general public but also posted on its website telephone numbers.

On the city website is a page dedicated to COVID resources. Both the city and county will keep the public advised on developments via their websites, Facebook and Twitter. Local media also carries announcements and news releases from the city, county and state.

“I know many families and businesses are suffering,” he said. “We know you are hurting during this very unique time in our history.”

Tedford said the city will help in anyway it can.

“We will get through this together,” he said. “We always do as one community.”

Tedford said the key is continually relying on family, friends and faith.

Olsen thanked both essential and nonessential businesses for everything they have done and asks the public to support them. He said the restrictions placed on businesses is difficult on the economy.

The commission chairman also re-emphasized the governor’s directives, saying gathering in smaller groups and practicing self-isolation will slow the spread of the virus.

Olsen made a plea for the need of personal protection equipment (PPE) and simple things like N95 masks. He encourages residents to scour their garage or businesses for such equipment.

“It’s important to keep health workers safe,” he said.

Olsen said people can bring any PPE to the Churchill County Social Offices or call 775-427-0035 for pickup. He added people on the frontline need shields and gowns.


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