The purrfect milk of human kindness

Sometimes it takes an animal needing food and comfort to bring out the best in people. In this time of crisis, I would like to commend a group of folks who have unofficially adopted a few feral cats. As the Bard would say, they possess the milk of human kindness.

This didn’t just happen over night because for months I have observed people leaving food for the trio of cats. I don’t really know how many folks feed them, but it makes my day to see the kitty buffet set out for them to eat.

I call the cats Garfield, Boots, and Socks. Garfield is the hungry spokesman of this trio, and he is a hoot! He’s all about food and attention. Garfield is also the official taster and talker, because he lets you know he’s there and waiting to be waited on.

Boots and Socks are both very shy and are like shadows. They hide in the bushes and peek out. I have observed that over the past few months they too have become more visible and outgoing.

Socks will occasionally come close enough to be stroked but still remains aloof.

When the world seems turned upside down, it reinforces my confidence in people to see the unselfishness of others. Honestly, I don’t know who all the people are, but the random act of kindness toward these cats is sincerely touching. I know that they have nothing to gain from helping the cats but the satisfaction that they have helped another being.

During this anxious time of pandemic, I hope everyone is touched in some way by the milk of human kindness.


Luke is a handsome three-year-old Border collie mix. He is an active boy who is learning to walk on a leash and ride in the car. Luke is a bit shy, but as he explores the world he is opening up to new experiences. He is looking for a loving family who will appreciate him. Come out and meet Luke; he’s a cutie!


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Princess, Scooby, and Shadow who have finally found the pet parents of their dreams. Thank you to the folks who have shared their home and hearts. All tails are wagging for you!

All the folks who have brought cleaning supplies, food, and donations to CAPS. A big pooch smooch to you!

Everyone who used our website and Facebook page to make donations. A Four-Paw salute to you!

All the folks who have signed up for AmazonSmile. Paws applause to you!


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