GOP seeks to side with Nevada in Democrats’ election lawsuit

LAS VEGAS — Republicans on Wednesday sought to intervene in a lawsuit that Democrats have filed against Nevada’s Secretary of State over plans for the June primary election.

The Republican National Committee and Nevada Republican Party filed a motion to join the lawsuit and side with the state in its plans to conduct the primary election mostly by mail because of the coronavirus outbreak.

The Democratic Party sued Republican Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske last week to try to force Nevada to expand in-person voting, ensure all voters are sent mail-in ballots and to be more permissive about how absentee ballots are returned. Among the Democrats’ demands is a relaxation of rules barring anyone but family members from turning in ballots on the behalf of others.

Democrats contend that many voters are switching to vote-by-mail for the first time, including those with mobility issues or in remote areas, who under the current election plan could put themselves and others at risk to ensure their ballots reach election officials.

In the lawsuit, Democrats cite as an example seniors living in assisted living facilities and others under orders to stay at home because of the coronavirus as examples of people who may not be able to easily mail back ballots.

The GOP said in a statement that Democrats are trying to force Cegavske to ignore longstanding election law and skirt rules to protect the integrity of ballots by allowing “political operatives to show up on voters’ doorsteps to collect ballots.”


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