Two Carson High School seniors win ‘I Voted’ sticker design competition

The Carson City Department of Arts & Culture in partnership with the Carson City Clerk-Recorder’s Office announced the winners from the ‘I Voted’ sticker design competition. The competition was open to students in the ninth to 12th grades enrolled in any high school in Carson City. Students were encouraged to submit creative designs that excite and encourage voting participation.

Despite school closures due to the coronavirus, one teacher, Carson High’s graphic design teacher Patricia Ababio still managed to guide her students in submitting a total of 212 designs to the competition.

"In addition to the challenges of young people understanding the value in using the vote to have a voice, these students were asked to complete a task for which they did not have the necessary tools,” Ababio said. “Normally, when we are in school, the kids have access to industry standard software to complete their rough drafts of a project. In this case, not only did they not have computers that would run the software, but many didn't have their computers with them at the time.

“So, we brainstormed a solution. We agreed that students would create thumbnails of their designs using pencil, paper, and color (if they had it) and send these for submission. With that in mind, they created what they considered sticker designs that voters would be both proud to wear and that would reflect the character of the American voter. It was a great way for us to participate in a terrific contest even while staying home for Nevada.”

A selection panel consisting of Aubrey Rowlatt, Carson City clerk-recorder; Miguel Camacho, chief deputy clerk; Karen Abowd and Terri McBride, Carson City Cultural commissioners; and Jennifer A. Russell, public information officer for the Nevada Secretary of State reviewed the 212 submissions and selected winning designs. The panel was chaired by Mark Salinas of the Carson City Department of Arts and Culture.

Panelists selected two images for a top prize award of $100.

  • Victor Clavel, 12th grade, Graphic Design Advanced Studies
  • Alondra Mata Izquierdo, 12th grade, Graphic Design Advanced Studies

As a surprise “thank you” for the large number of student entries, panelists selected an additional eight images for an honorable mention award of $25.

  • Gabriella Lagunas Anthony, 10th grade, Graphic Design II
  • Shiloh Cyphers, 11th grade, Graphic Design II
  • Cameron Davis, 12th grade, Graphic Design Advanced Studies
  • Matt Gantan, 12th grade, Graphic Design III
  • Josey Payan, 12th grade, Graphic Design III
  • Oswaldo Rojas, 11th grade, Graphic Design III
  • Coral Rosas, 12th grade, Graphic Design Advanced Studies
  • Danielle Van Dusen, 10th grade, Graphic Design II

All 10 students are invited to submit their finalized designs to advertise the next “I Voted” sticker design competition scheduled for November’s General Election.

“We want to thank Ms. Ababio and her students for their commitment to submit designs under the current circumstances,” Rowlatt said. “We enjoyed seeing the entries and the ideas that the students came up with for the sticker designs. It was interesting to see what students thought of when given the topic of ‘voting’ to design an image.”


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