Jim Valentine: A forced pause to reflect

As we continue down this path of Pandemonium it is interesting to see it’s many effects. We aren’t talking about “lowering of the curve,” “saving of lives,” or other causes for the implementation of the restrictions that have impacted our lives, rather it’s the individual personal reactions, mindsets, activities, philosophies, etc. that are most interesting. It is here that we anticipate the most societal change going forward.

The initial suggestion of total compliance for “Social Distancing” and related protocols by entire communities and states by their respective governments was met with surprise and overall great cooperation.

With such great cooperation it was not such a big step for the elected leaders to go to mandated cooperation. As the masses settled into that routine they found something totally foreign in the United States of America, the loss of freedom. The realization that our great freedoms, especially those that we enjoy so immensely in the West and in Nevada, were limited has given pause to many. Time to reflect and appreciate.

Our jump in the car and go get what we want/need mindset was jerked up short. Finding the shelves emptied of so many basic items was a real eye opener. What to do if you can’t get eggs, meat, pasta, bread, or toilet paper at the store? The supply chain was filled, it was at the consumer end that a problem was created due to panic overbuying. Interesting way to approach a crisis together. At first it seemed that it was only on television in the cold hearted urban areas, but it happened here in Northern Nevada too. Time to reflect on what is happening to our love of one another as our population grows.

It was heartwarming to watch people be careful about the spreading of the invisible enemy. Not only for themselves, but to protect others from getting what might, or might not, be present on them. In some ways it was like shadow boxing. We had no enemy but were practicing for when we truly encounter one. We found this well personified in the air drumming performance by Charlie Watts during the recent Rolling Stones fundraising benefit concert to help fight the virus. One of the best drummers in all of Rock and Roll was air drumming with his bandmates, using a phantom drum kit to help fight a phantom menace.

The extra time with family, focused on them without the interruption of school, work, activities, etc. has been a godsend even thought it may have come at a great financial cost. It is a good time to pause and reflect on our predecessors that went through the Great Depression or the Big War, WWII. There was no government gift of money in the Depression, and the stores weren’t able to restock with trucks rolling in every night. Whole families were torn apart during WWII for years. My grandfather re-enlisted at the age of 45, after having served in WWI in Europe and spending 2.5 months in the hospital in France with the Spanish Flu, and 3 of his boys enlisted and were sent to Europe. Whole families of patriots fighting for freedom. There are many such family stories. Those were double tough times.

Our advice: We are in holed up in our homes for weeks, maybe a couple of months, with power, water, food readily available, our pets, and our families. We can reach out to the world via the Internet and see them live on Zoom. We are reasonably sure of being safe with social distancing. We flinch at missing our creature comforts, but we find new ones to replace them. Eyes are getting sore from watching Netflix. Brains are tired from putting jigsaw puzzles together. If you think you have it tough, read Man’s Search For Meaning by Viktor Frankl. Then reflect.

Many pandemics have occurred over the man’s recorded history. Our experiences in this one are relatively easy compared to the hard times experienced by those that came before us. Let’s get through this by taking care of one another and we can look back in awe at what we accomplished… together.

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