Carson City Sheriff's Office on the look out for impaired drivers

The Carson City Sheriffs Office will be joining forces with other law enforcement agencies statewide focusing on Impaired Drivers from May 1-8.

Impaired Driving is never a good idea, remember, it is unlawful for any person who is under the influence of intoxicating liquor or has a concentration of alcohol of 0.08 or more in his or her blood or breath, to drive or be in actual physical control of a vehicle on a highway.

Other than alcoholic beverages, some other prohibited substances are, Amphetamine, Cocaine, Heroin, LSD, Marijuana, Methamphetamine and Phencyclidine are defined under Nevada Revised Statute 484C.080. (You can read the full Nevada Revised Statute at NRS484C.110 and 484C.080 for more information)

The damage that is done by impaired driving reaches all of us one way or another and it is something we have control over. Please do not drink and drive or use drugs and drive. It’s a simple message.

Please drive carefully.


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