Adam Romo: Triple B sandwich is a fall wow (recipe)

Kids are headed back to school, (well sort of) which means fall is just around the corner. For many, a favorite fall food is butternut squash. At the Cracker Box, we combine it with bacon and basil on a sandwich for a taste WOW! Here’s how to make the always popular Triple B (butternut, bacon, and basil) sandwich.

1 Butternut Squash

1 Sweet Onion

2 Cloves of Garlic, minced

2 cups Apple Cider or Juice

2 teaspoons Allspice

Hardwood Smoked Bacon

Potato Bread

Cheese of your choice (I like Jack or Havarti)

Basil, freshly chopped

Start by poking holes in the squash with a fork, and microwave 30-40 seconds, this makes the outer layer much easier to peel. Peel, core, and cut squash into quarter-inch slices. Cut the onion in half and then slice lengthwise. In an oven-safe pan, combine liquids, onions, garlic, and all allspice. Place the squash in the liquid mixture, be sure each piece is covered. You can add more chicken stock, juice, or even water if it’s needed.

Cover and place in the oven at 250 degrees and cook until tender (but not squishy!) about 30-40 mins. This will yield wonderful, tasty braised squash! I like a little char on the squash so I finish it with a quick grill in a separate pan with olive oil or bacon grease.

Meanwhile, cook bacon and set aside.

Butter both sides of bread and grill in a large skillet until golden brown, turn over and add some cheese. While cheese is melting, sprinkle on chopped basil, and place two pieces of bacon per sandwich. Place a few slices on your sandwich (enough to cover), close it up, cut it, and enjoy!

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Adam Romo joined the Cracker Box team in 2004 from Los Angeles. Born and raised in Southern California, he began working in restaurant kitchens when he was just 13 years old scrubbing pots and pans in a group home cafeteria. After graduating high school Adam went on to work in a popular bakery, a Santa Maria style barbecue company where he earned open wood grilling skills and eventually a caterer for Sony Studios. When he’s not at the helm of the Cracker Box kitchen Adam enjoys tinkering with his cars and playing bass in his band.


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