Pro Group earns U.S. company of the year Alternative Risk Transfer Solutions award

Pro Group Captive Management Services, Inc. has been named the winner of the U.S. company of the year Alternative Risk Transfer Solutions award for the second year in a row.

Since 2006, the ACQ Global Awards has recognized achievement, innovation, and brilliance in their annual award programs. Annually, surveys are conducted with more than 210,000 voters to identify the companies and individuals that are responding most successfully and intelligently to the issues, challenges and needs that face business. Those companies that bring expertise, world class solutions and contributions to their industry are among the elite award winners for 2020.

“Pro Group is honored and thanks ACQ for the award. Their endorsement and recognition of Pro Group as an outstanding and exemplary firm in the alternative risk transfer industry is appreciated and humbling. The industry, works incredibly hard and Pro Group has worked tirelessly to respond to the challenges, needs of business owners in these unprecedented times, and always strives to provide best practice solutions and initiatives,” said Renea Louie, Vice President of Pro Group Captive Management Services. “More now than ever, alternative risk transfer solutions, including captives, are incredibly relevant, needed and provide solutions to business in not just extraordinary times but consistently for years. We are very proud of the Pro Group team and their dedication to quality, innovation and excellence in service.”

Pro Group holds large responsibilities to many state domiciles and serves on many state and national committees and boards dedicated to providing their time, talents, resources and passion for the industry and who it serves for the betterment and responsible growth of the industry.

Pro Group Captive Management Services, Inc. along with Pro Group Management, Inc. and its employees have received numerous distinguished awards including 2020 Company of the Year, Alternative Risk Transfer, 2019 Company of the Year – ACQ5 Global, Best in Captive Insurance – USA, Best Captive Management Solutions – USA, Captive Review - Captive Manager of the Year, Best Captive Manager, Best Customer Care, Best Captive Manager – Nevada, Best Captive Manager – USA, Employer of the Year, Best Place to Work, Best for Financial Risk Management – Nevada, Best for Self-Insured Administration Programs – USA, Best in Finance, Most Outstanding Captive Manager USA, Recognized Leader in Captive Management Services – USA, and Best for Workers’ Comp Administration - USA.


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