Carson City Symphony announces Project Euterpe Episode 11 with Carson Chamber Singers

Project Euterpe Episode 11 - Carson Chamber Singers and Brass Quintet.

Project Euterpe Episode 11 - Carson Chamber Singers and Brass Quintet.

Carson City Symphony Association announces release of Project Euterpe Episode 11 featuring the Carson Chamber Singers, an affiliate of the Carson City Symphony, performing “Hodie Christus natus est,” by Dutch composer, organist, and teacher Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck. Choral Director Richard "Ricky" Hutton leads the 27 singers and brass quintet.

The piece, which celebrates the birth of Christ and the exultation of God, was arranged for chorus and brass quintet by Carson City Symphony conductor David Bugli in collaboration with Ricky Hutton.

The video can be viewed on by searching for Carson City Symphony, or by linking from or the Symphony’s website

Several other videos by Carson City Symphony musicians are also available for viewing on the Symphony’s YouTube channel.

This video is dedicated to Kathie Linn Davidson, a member of the Carson Chamber Singers and Consort Canzona, who passed away on Nov. 5, during the month when this video was being recorded. The singers miss her warmth and smile.

The Carson City Symphony and its associated ensembles have been entertaining people in the Carson City area since 1984. Because they can't perform in person, they are presenting Project Euterpe (you-TER-pee), a series of episodes that highlight the talents of Symphony musicians, ensembles, and guest artists.

Carson City Symphony Association performances are supported by public funding from the Nevada Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts, the Carson City Cultural Commission, and private donations.

For information, see or call 775-883-4154.


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