Sisolak commends president’s decision not to push for Yucca Mountain licensing

In the wake of the President Trump’s statements indicating he isn’t pushing to license Yucca Mountain this year, Gov. Steve Sisolak sent him a letter praising the decision to not to include funding for the nuclear dump in his proposed fiscal 2021 budget.

He delivered the letter to Acting Chief of Staff Nick Mulvaney during the 2020 White House Business Session.

Sisolak said he is grateful for the opportunity to continue expressing Nevada’s opposition to the nuclear waste storage site in Southern Nevada. He said if the president is dedicated to protecting Nevada, his next step should include committing to veto any legislation that would undermine the state’s legal standing in the case.

“As a country, we have an opportunity to move beyond the tired fight over Yucca Mountain and into an era of consent-based siting for nuclear waste,” he said. “Nevada would welcome your support on these matters.”


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