‘Salute To Young Musicians’ this weekend in Carson City

The Fritsch Choir rehearses for the Salute To Young Musicians Concert.

The Fritsch Choir rehearses for the Salute To Young Musicians Concert.

The Capital City Community Band will present its annual “Salute To Young Musicians” concert at 3 p.m. Sunday in the Boldrick Theater at the Carson Community Center.

The concert will feature the choirs from Bordewich-Bray and Fritsch Elementary Schools. The concert is free and open to all members of our community and surrounding areas.

“Without young people involved in music, our community groups would cease to exist. This is our way of honoring those students who enjoy making music and to show them music can always be a part of their life no matter what career path they choose,” said Nick Jacques, conductor of the band. “March is ‘Music In Our Schools’ month, which celebrates the important role of music education. Music must always be a part of every student’s life.”

The combined choirs are under the direction of Alan Catron and Nicole Witkowski and consist mainly of fourth and fifth-grade students. Each choir meets before classes begin at each individual elementary school and perform many concerts in our community.

The choirs will perform “What A Wonderful World” with the band. They will also perform some songs on their own. Also joining the band is the Joyful Noise Children’s Choir, under the direction of Michelle Powers. The choir was founded in 2017 by Nancy Jones, and children between the ages of 4-12 are invited to participate. Also featured in this Salute To Young Musicians concert are the Carson Middle School clarinet Choir and Percussion Ensemble and the string ensemble “STRAZZ.”

The band will perform a variety of music including “Star Wars-The Marches” and “Pie In The Face Polka” which features the clarinet section.

Come and join the band in celebrating 42 years of sharing music with our community and enjoy the music of the next generation of Carson City musicians. The concert is free.


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