Ben is the bad boy of therapy dogs

Therapy dogs are lifesavers for many people. They are trained to provide affection, comfort and support to people in hospitals, nursing homes, libraries, airports, and situations where a cold nose and warm heart will help.

Unlike service dogs, which are covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act, therapy dogs are only allowed in the specific places they are visiting or working. There are several tests they must pass. They must be able to block out distractions, walk through different terrains, and be comfortable with a variety of people who have different disabilities.

Ben, an adorable golden retriever, is a therapy dog who works with a Massachusetts police department. He’s actually one of the most popular deputies on the police force. Who would have ever suspected that Ben was actually leading a life of crime right under the noses of his colleagues?

It all started with the annual collection of toys for the Santa Foundation, a local charity the police department supports. The officers work tirelessly to ensure that children who need toys for Christmas receive them. The toys were accumulating, but everyday it seemed the pile was getting smaller. That was when the officers began to investigate.

Before long they caught Ben, red pawed, sneaking off with a baby doll in a carrier. Ben tried to outrun the officers but it was no use. He was cornered. He led them to his stash of toys under a desk. All the toys were covered with slobber and unusable for gifts. Ben had scored his Christmas toys.

There is a video of Ben making off with toys on Facebook. Type in: Police dog caught stealing toys. The police learned some valuable lessons. Always close the door to the toy room and keep the toys elevated. The good news is Ben hasn’t been charged.


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