Churchill County Sheriff’s Office news

The Churchill County Sheriff’s Office has seen a marked increase in mail theft from county road mailboxes.

If you see suspicious activity near mailboxes, contact the CCSO immediately.

Here are a few tips to make it more difficult for thieves to get your mail or packages.

If you are going on vacation, contact the U.S. Post Office to have your mail held at the Post Office until your return.

Do not leave your mail in the mailbox for long periods of time. Many people do not collect their mail daily, and this makes it easy pickings for thieves.

Sign up with the U.S. Post Office for informed delivery at and you will receive an email showing your mail to be delivered that day. This will alert you of important mail to retrieve as soon as possible.

Watch out for your neighbors. In rural areas, we tend to know our neighbors and odd foot or vehicle traffic tends to stick out. If something looks suspicious, notify law enforcement so we can stop these thieves.


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