Suspect in Reno to Carson City chase still not identified

NHP investigators are still trying to identify the driver of a vehicle that led them on a long pursuit from Reno through Washoe Valley and into Carson City.

The car was finally stopped near the I-580 Arrowhead/College Parkway exit by a spike strip that flattened two of its tires.

NHP Public Information Officer Trooper Hannah DeGoey said they were also still awaiting medical clearance on the defendant for “issues unrelated to the pursuit.” He has refused to give authorities his name.

“As soon as we get him medically cleared and fingerprint him, we’ll have ID,” she said.

The chase began in Reno on Wednesday morning after police received reports of a driver deliberately crashing into at least eight other vehicles and fleeing police and highway patrol troopers.

At the end of the chase, she said the driver refused all efforts to get him to cooperate with NHP and Carson sheriff’s deputies who responded to assist. He was eventually pepper sprayed and tazed but still refused to surrender until Furlong’s deputies sent in one of their K-9s.

He was transported to Carson Tahoe Hospital for evaluation and treatment of a bite wound inflicted by the police dog.


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