Letters to the Editor for January 15, 2020

Constitution clearly states who can declare war

I was drawn in by the headline of Mr. Farmer`s commentary (Reaction to Soleimani killing covers spectrum). I had hoped for an article that promoted understanding of various points of view. Sadly, it was the same old divisive rhetoric and disinformation aimed at disparaging Democrats and promoting the idea they are somehow un-American. I’ve always thought that the use of disparagement and the distortion of facts revealed weakness and an inability to argue one’s own point of view on equal footing.

I have not read or heard of any member of Congress who disagreed with the facts regarding Soleimani. That he dedicated his life to killing and maiming people is without question. I’m not aware of anyone in this country who wishes he was still alive to continue to pursue his goals. The means by which he was killed is what caused differing reactions. That disagreement centers on the Constitution and the separation of power of our three branches of government.

Only Congress has the authority to declare war and yet the actions of one man took us to that brink. Trump’s penchant for constantly lying caused people to question the “clear and imminent danger.” Fear of war gripped the United States and Iran precisely because of Trump’s actions. Out of that fear a Ukrainian airplane was shot out of the sky and innocent lives were lost.

Love of and loyalty to country and Constitution takes many forms. We need not to demand it exactly match our own.

Joan Costa



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