Carson Street Green Dining District gets $12,000 grant

Commemorative cups from Nevada Day that can be used to get discounts at restaurants.

Commemorative cups from Nevada Day that can be used to get discounts at restaurants.

GreenUP!, a 501c3 nonprofit organization that provides environmental education to businesses, has received a $12,898 grant from the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection Bureau of Sustainable Materials Management 2020 Recycling Grant Program.

The grant is designed to increase recycling, public awareness of the importance of conserving natural resources, and encourage the reduction, reuse and recycling of solid waste in Nevada. greenUP! will use the proceeds to continue the Carson Street Green Dining District pilot that was funded by NDEP in 2019.

“The Nevada Division of Environmental Protection is proud to support GreenUP! In its efforts to promote sustainable dining in Carson City,” said NDEP Administrator Greg Lovato. “Local solutions like recycling and managing food and other restaurant waste can add up to big improvements for our environment and maintain Nevada’s leadership in creating clean, healthy, and vibrant communities.”

To celebrate, greenUP! is promoting the green dining district by flying a banner that will span Carson Street in the heart of the green dining district between West Spear and Telegraph streets from Jan. 20 to Feb. 2.

For the first week of the promotion, Green Dining District Restaurants will honor a $1 discount for those that bring their Nevada Day stainless steel commemorative mugs toward either a 16-ounce beverage or toward the cost of a meal (deal varies).

On the second week, individual restaurants will be featured on the Green Dining District social media pages and will have a signature drink or special menu item celebrating sustainability (these items will not be discounted).

Participating restaurants include Arby’s, Artisan Café, Battle Born Social, Flavors of India, Gather, Scoups Ice Cream and Soup Bar, So Juicy and Squeeze In. To see more details about the banner promotion, visit the greenUP! website at or check the greenUP! Facebook page daily to see what’s on special for that day.

“On behalf of Carson City, I want to personally applaud GreenUP! for their fantastic efforts to support a clean, healthy, and sustainable community through their Green Dining program,” said Carson City Mayor Bob Crowell. “I’d also like to recognize all participating restaurants for going green to help ensure Carson City continues to be an amazing place to live, work, and play. Thank you all for supporting our growing and thriving community.”

greenUP! is seeking 10 new restaurants to join the program during 2020. Interested restaurants may contact or call 949-306-3465 to engage.

“The goals for the Carson Street Green Dining District for 2020 are to add 10 new restaurants to the program and to continue support for the original 10 restaurants brought into the program in 2019,” said Donna Walden, board president for greenUP! and leader of the Green Dining District program. “We found that each restaurant has unique waste challenges and we want to partner with them to address potential solutions.”

greenUP! is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that provides environmental education for businesses helping Nevada cut down on waste, reduce valuable resource consumption and fight climate change in an environmentally safe and cost-effective manner.


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