The invasion of robot cats and dogs

Watson here and if the news gets any scarier, I just may have to quit watching TV with my dad. The latest scare is robotic cats and dogs. Yep, scientists are working on mechanical animals that meow, bark, play and purr. Why in the world are they doing this? I can play and bark without using batteries.

After doing a little research I was able to discover some good reasons. Many older folks need extra help so they move into assisted living homes. Some develop a disease called Alzheimer’s that affects memory and critical thinking skills. Unfortunately, many assisted living homes don’t allow pets. For pet owners, this is a traumatic move.

Tom Stevens was faced with the dilemma of moving his mom, who had Alzheimer’s, and was heartbroken to give up her dog. So, with the help of Jim Henderson’s Creature Shop, Tom created Jenny, a lifelike puppy. She moves like a real dog and responds to touch and voice commands. Jenny has provided comfort and company to Tom’s mom. You can see Jenny by typing in YouTube Jenny robot dog.

Cats have also been developed that can keep a person company, remind them to take their medicines and even help them find their glasses. “Joy for All” was developed by Hasbro and scientists at Brown University. It purrs and meows and even appears to lick its paw and roll over for a belly rub.

The hope is that creating an interaction with the pet requiring human input will help assuage feelings of loneliness, depression and anxiety. You can check out the “Joy for All” cat on YouTube Joy for All cat.

I’m not a robot dog but I can appreciate the joy robot dogs and cats bring to folks who can’t have a pet.

XOXO Watson


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