Registration open for 15-week IT course

Registration is being taken for CIT112 — It Essentials — A+, a 15-wk course that covers fundamental an career skills for entry-level IT jobs.

The class begins on Feb. 3 and will be held on Mondays from 6-9:50 p.m. at the Churchill County Library Annex, 507 S. Maine St.

This is the first class offered in Fallon by Multnomah University/Nevada Technology Academy.

The four-credit class is not affiliated with the Churchill County Library, but Librarian Carol Lloyd said the university is working with local community colleges so students may be able to apply the course to an AA degree.

A+ covers fundamental computer and career skills for entry-level IT jobs. The IT Essentials course includes hands-on labs that provide practical experience to prepare students for enterprise networking. Simulation tools help students hone their troubleshooting skills and practice what they learn.

A+ is your IT starting point, and this certification shows students have a solid foundation in PC, laptop, and mobile technology and maintenance and is a requirement for tech positions.

Develop working knowledge of how computers and mobile devices operate.

Identify common security threats and vulnerabilities like malware, phishing, spoofing and social engineering.

Apply skills and procedures to install, configure, and troubleshoot computers, mobile devices, and software.

Develop critical thinking and problem solving skills using both real equipment

Get immediate feedback on your work through built-in quizzes and tests.

Connect with the global CompTIA community to expand your horizons in the IT world.

A fee will apply to this course. To apply go to

For questions, contact Kate Branson at 775-849-4983 or email

All students must have access to a PC Laptop or a MAC Laptop.

Laptop suggestion:

Any PC laptop running Windows 10; must have minimum 4 GB ram (8GB recommended); wireless network adapter; physical or USB RJ45 network adapter (should include MS Office)

Apple MAC: any MacBook running latest release of OS 10; minimum 8 GB RAM; wireless network adapter; USB RJ45 network adapter (should include MS Office)

Special Note: Dell, HP, Lenovo, Apple all have student discount programs. Students can go online, go to Best Buy or the Apple Store to consider discounts and leasing programs (may require student ID)

Software: Any special software required will be noted at registration time. Most software will be available via free download; special software will be provided at highly discounted cost through the school.

A list of books for each class will be provided. All books are readily available from Amazon, and will be the responsibility of the student to procure the books before class begins.


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