Havana Browns are elegant owners

Sitting in the warmth of the sun on my back steps, I was surprised by a cold nose on my hand. My attention was immediately focused on a beautiful, sleek, chocolate brown cat. He meowed, stretched, and playfully reached his paw up to bat my hand.

I wanted to hold him and that was not a problem because he made himself very comfortable on my lap. He had a collar, but no name tag, so I called him Green Eyes. At the time I didn’t know it, but I was being graced by the royalty of cats, a Havana Brown. He’d visit but never stay.

Havana Browns are hybrids that were introduced by British breeders in the 1950s. They are Chocolate Point Siamese crossed with black domestic shorthairs and Russian Blues to create a striking chocolate-brown cat with emerald eyes. Their sleek coat resembles the wrapping of a fine Cuban cigar so the obvious name was Havana Brown.

Havana Browns are curious, human oriented, and playful. Their attitude resembles a dog’s, because they want to be with you and will get involved in everything you do. If you don’t like being dogged by your cat, they aren’t the breed for you. They love being in a family with children and folks who adore and play with them.

Even though they are part Siamese, they aren’t very vocal. They usually converse in a soft voice. Havana Browns are masters of using their paws to investigate the world and get attention when they want it. They have it down pat!

One day after Green Eyes visited, I vowed to follow him to see where he lived. I didn’t get too far before I saw Green Eyes in the arms of a tall gentleman. He told me that he had never been “owned” by a cat, until he had a Havana Brown. The truth is cats have staff and dogs have owners. Havana Browns have the edge on ownership.


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