Americana music on a flatbed Saturday in Carson City

Spike McGuire hopes to “make things feel a little bit normal for a day” on Saturday when he brings live music to Carson City. McGuire and two members from his band, Six Mile Station, will perform as part of the Brewery Art Center’s Flatbed Concert Series.

“It will be great to bring the community together because that’s the best part about live music and shows,” McGuire said. “It’s the community involvement and engagement.”

Joining McGuire will be John Underwood, from Carson City. He’s a multi-instrumentalist who plays 12 different instruments, including the trumpet, trombone and banjo. Nathan Carter, also a multi-instrumentalist, plays fiddle and accordion. McGuire will lead the trio with guitar and vocals. Six Mile Station’s drummer, Jeffrey Knight won’t make the event because he has a recording session with his band Silver.

McGuire said they have played as a string band multiple times, and being one of their best friends, he said Knight will be missed on stage with them.

“The show won’t suffer anything for it and we’ll still put on a good set,” McGuire said.

McGuire said Six Mile Canyon and the music he’s associated with has always been an Americana band, playing at lots of hootenannies.

“This will be far from the first flatbed truck we have played for our stage,” he said.


One of McGuire’s other projects familiar in Carson City is Loud As Folk, a singer-songwriter travelling showcase. The BAC has hosted a few Loud As Folk events in the past and as recently as January. McGuire said the showcase has moved to a video format mostly shown from the Loud As Folk Facebook page.

“We want to still have a point of having a monthly offering that is community focused,” he said.

McGuire has put together episodes that feature different musicians, but they also include interviews with local artists and comedy sketches. The most recent episode highlights Artown in Reno and gives an in-depth look at Joe C. Rock’s temporary murals on Reno City Hall. It also includes musical performances from 13 artists. Check out the videos online at:


McGuire said Six Mile Station is working on putting out some new music. He said they have some songs ready and they need to spend some time with them and then flush out the recordings. The band’s goal is to get new material, produce a couple music videos and then hang onto everything until they are able to tour again.

“We want to make a big splash,” he said.

Stay tuned for a new video to be released Aug. 6.


McGuire said he’s thankful for what the Brewery Arts Center is doing to provide music amid all the circumstances. He said he’s pretty excited to be doing a live show and he’s been missing them a lot.
“I definitely just want to express my gratitude to the Brewery Arts Center for finding a cool way to keep things going. It’s great to keep people making art and keep bringing art to the people.”


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