Watson enjoys spa days at the ‘Mom Spa’

Watson here and I don’t want you to think I’m some kind of glamour dude, but since the quarantine started my mom has really gotten into my grooming. OK, it is spring and the weather is getting hotter, which means I’m shedding. She took that as a sign to relieve me of excess hair.

My coat is made up of hair (or fur) it’s composed of two layers: a top coat of stiff guard hairs that help repel water and shield me from dirt, and an undercoat of soft down hair that serves as insulation. It helps me maintain an even body temperature, insulates me, and protects my skin from scrapes and sunlight.

Some dogs have both an undercoat and topcoat called a double coat. I’m one of the two-coat guys. Other dogs have a single coat composed of only guard hairs, with little or no downy undercoat. Most dogs have 15,000 hairs on each square inch of skin. My mom has fewer than 1,000 hairs per square inch and she loses at least 100 a day. She doesn’t notice her shedding, because she’s always growing new hair.

Dogs that spend their time indoors, under artificial light, shed year round. Dogs who live outside are seasonal shedders. I’m a seasonal shedder because when the days grow longer the in spring I lose hair so I’m cooler. In fall I lose hair because I’m growing more hair to keep warm in the winter. Mom’s making me more comfortable by using a Furminator brush. It feels so good!

Next I get my nails done. I needed them trimmed, because I’m ruining mom’s keyboard and my nails click when I walk. If your paws click when you walk, it’s time for a chop. Getting nails trimmed is OK, because it doesn’t hurt and it keeps me from catching them in weeds. Nails need to be cut every six to eight months.

My last spa treatment is getting my teeth brushed with chicken-flavored toothpaste. It’s yummy! I give the ‘Mom’s Spa’ a five-star pooch smooch rating!

XOXO Watson


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