Linda Marrone: Farmers’ market season getting underway

Fresh lettuce

Fresh lettuce

Normally for my column in June, I would write about the Carson Farmers Market opening and all the wonderful produce coming our way for the next four months and it still will be, just with some changes.

We’ve all had to adjust our lives and routines and the Farmers Market is no different. They have to follow regulations and suggestions from the Nevada Department of Agriculture and our local Health Department. To keep up on the latest go to their website:, sign up for their newsletter and you can also like them on FB.

I’ve already been out and about and hit two other local markets that opened in May. I love the Thursday morning Commons Beach FM in Tahoe City and I’ve been there twice because two of our vendors sell there. Last week I went to the Wednesday morning Sierra Chef FM in their new location at Heritage Park. My partner in crime on these excursions has been Charlie Abowd and I have to say I like him being semi-retired, time to do more fun things.

I have been enjoying my two flower CSA’s from Sierra Flower Farm with veggies too and Yellow Petal Flowers. Check them out and sign up for a subscription if you are like me and think flowers are a necessity. I’ve been getting lettuce from both of them plus a weekly delivery from Holley Farms. Fresh lettuce and spinach can’t be beat this time of year. You can check out the farmers that have CSA’s on the CFM website under vendors. By the way CSA stands for community supported agriculture and it’s just another way of supporting our local farmers when the market is not up and running.

Recipe for this week is for anything you find at the Farmers Market: grab some cherries, be sure to wash and set them on the counter, they will not last long. Slice some strawberries eat them plain or put them whole in your smoothie. Any of the spring lettuces will just make your salad pop, with nothing more than a drizzle of oil and vinegar. Spring garlic is so mild and is a wonderful addition to any dish. I’m pretty sure there will be artichokes, beets, broccoli and chard to steam. Lots of carrots and cauliflower for eating raw. Get in get out, don’t linger and enjoy your bounty. I know I will.


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