Carson City clerk: Election night results will be as complete as possible

close up of political voting pins for 2020 election on white

close up of political voting pins for 2020 election on white

Carson City Clerk/Recorder Aubrey Rowlatt said Friday her office is doing everything possible to release election results when the polls close at 7 p.m. June 9.

She said that includes reports on how the mail-in vote went. To do so, she said her office, like most other clerks in Nevada, is already entering the mail-in ballots they’ve received into the computer.

“We’re reading ballots,” she said. “We started (Thursday) so we’re pretty well caught up.”

But, she said, the law prohibits actually counting the ballots before polls close so they can’t run a report so see how many people voted and who they voted for.

“I don’t see we’re going to have any issue election night getting the results out.”

But that only applies to county election results. Statewide results are embargoed under a law backed by former Secretary of State Ross Miller that requires that office to decide when results are released.

So far, she said, that is more than 9,000 ballots.

“Election night, we’re going to release the countywide results,” she said, adding that there will be a link on her website directing people to the Secretary of State’s website for statewide and multi-county results.

Rowlatt said her other issue with results is that her office must continue accepting ballots postmarked before the polls close for seven days after the June 9 primary election. So she said she can’t tell voters exactly when they will have final numbers for the various races on the ballot.

The issue there, as always will be Clark and Washoe counties that, between them, account for about 90 percent of total votes in any given election.

She said she will do her best to keep area voters informed about how everything is going during that seven-day period but that, if just a couple of ballots arrive on a given day, it may not be worth reporting.


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