Why is my computer soooooo slow?

Computer maintenance, or as we like to call it, Clean and Tune, is important to extend the life of your computer and to improve efficiency – meaning, if your computer is slowing down, you may need to refresh your computer.

What is a Clean and Tune and why should I do it?

There are several items that can slow down your system, from too many temporary internet files, or too many programs loading at startup. Or maybe you have more than one security or anti-virus product running, or your drivers aren’t up to date. Computer maintenance can get your computer hopping again!

Your computer may also be overheating

Have you gotten the blue screen of death? Maybe your computer randomly shuts down. During a clean and tune, your technician will remove dust and dirt from inside your computer’s casing and diagnose failing components.

A simple service should do the trick to improve your computer’s operations. Here are other ways you can boost performance.

SSD Drive (Solid State Drive) install

SSDs replace older mechanical drives. If it takes several minutes for your computer or lap top to boot up, you could increase that time to 20 to 30 seconds with a new SSD. You’ll also see faster load times for larger programs like Photoshop.


Upgrading the memory in your computer can improve the overall performance of your computer by increasing speed and load times.

Graphics Cards

With the pandemic, computer gaming has seen a huge increase on PCs, while mobile gaming has been flat. You may be tempted to do this on your own – YouTube is full of how-to videos on how to replace your graphics card – but if you’re a novice, you may want to let the professionals handle this one!

It may make more sense to ask about having a computer custom built to meet your needs, depending on the age of your computer, and the cost of upgrading these components. A reputable computer repair service can give you an estimate to service and repair or upgrade your computer.


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