Wreath laid in honor of 23rd annual Nevada Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Carson City

For 22 years, the Nevada Law Enforcement Officers Memorial hosted a ceremony to bear witness to the unification of statewide law enforcement agencies and honor Nevada’s officers killed in the line of duty.


Today marks the 23rd annual Nevada Law Enforcement Memorial, whereas the memorial did not host agencies statewide, rather with heavy consideration to the lives of Nevada’s Law Enforcement Officers, the safety of their families and communities, this memorial service was performed with limited attendance. Since 1861, 134 officers have either died or been killed in Nevada. This year, no names were presented on the memorial. Next year’s memorial will honor Nevada Highway Patrol Sergeant Ben Jenkins, an Elko native who gave his life to serve and protect Nevada communities. 

The Carson City Sheriff’s Office filmed the wreath laying to allow communities witness and honor the memorial during a global pandemic. All are encouraged to join the memorial spirit and shine a blue light on their front porch steps through the month of May. Additionally, shining blue lights outside businesses and residences during the month of May, will serve as a beacon of support for all peace officers and a tribute to those killed in the line of duty.

Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong said “It is essential that even in these times of restricted movements and social gatherings that we continue to honor those law enforcement officers who have in our history given their lives for the protection of society. The acknowledgement of their losses, the devastation to their families, friends, and communities, should never be overlooked, even in these most trying times of the Coronavirus pandemic.


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