Heavenly music to soothe the soul

I love music and being indoors a great deal has given me the opportunity to revisit CDs of artists I have seen. Justin Kauflin is a young jazz pianist I saw at the Monterey Jazz Festival and it has been a treat listening to his soulful, innovative music.

I first noticed Justin as he traveled through the crowd at Monterey with his dog. Dogs are not allowed at the festival so seeing one there caught my attention. What I didn’t realize at the time was that Justin is blind. To watch this team in action was poetry in motion.

Justin, a musical prodigy, learned to play the violin when he was 4. By 6 he was performing in concerts and eventually became a concertmaster for several orchestras. Disaster struck when he was 11, and he was blinded by exudative retinopathy.

Undaunted, he learned Braille, cane mobility, and jazz piano. Justin graduated at the top of his class at Salem High School. He also attended William Peterson University where he met and was mentored by the legendary trumpeter Clark Terry.

During this time, he also attended The Seeing Eye Inc. where he met and trained with his dog Candy. The Seeing Eye Inc. was established in 1929 with the mission to breed, raise and train the best seeing eye dogs in the world. Working with a dog allows more mobility and activity for sightless folks.

Justin is a graduate of The Seeing Eye Inc. and for the past few years he and Candy have performed at their annual fundraiser. Watching Justin perform was amazing, but the most moving moment of his performance was when he dedicated a song to Candy. His love for her is apparent.

If you would like an uplifting experience, you can check out Justin’s story on the video “Keep on Keepin’ On” available on Amazon. Especially now, we all need to keep on keeping on with the help of our furry friends.


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