Brewery Arts Center invites Carson City to ‘thank you’ wall

In the spirit of our summer mural wall, the Brewery Arts Center has assembled a “Thank you” wall facing King Street and invites the community to come by with a Sharpie or paints and write a message to anyone who has helped during this time.

It is important that when you do come by, that you practice social distancing and wash your hands before and after you create your message. If someone else is there when you arrive, take a nice walk around the neighborhood and come back.

We built this artistic platform because so many have been overwhelmed by the kindness and caring nature of others during this time and they want to show their appreciation. We’ve hosted three events at the BAC organized and sponsored by The Change Companies that were simply formed to help those in need.

At these drive through events community members were given food, books, toys, pet food, gift cards and even thousands of dollars in cash.

“It is a testament to the heroes of this community who have taken it upon themselves to help others. Many people including those of us at the BAC have been helped by this and we truly want to show our appreciation and give others the opportunity to as well,” says Executive Director Gina Lopez Hill.

The Brewery Arts Center says there are many heroes during this time of crisis and this is an opportunity to thank who you want to recognize. We will be posting the messages from the wall on our social media platforms so that the messaging can get to those it is meant for.

The wall will be up indefinitely.

For information, contact the Brewery Arts Center at


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