Letters to the Editor concerning the primary election

The Nevada Appeal will run letters pertaining to the 2020 primary election weekly online. The Appeal stopped letters about the primary election in print on May 2 after ballots were received.

Supporting Schuette

I am voting for Lisa Schuette to be our new Fourth Ward Supervisor.

Born and raised in Carson City, Lisa lives a life of service to others. From working in law enforcement to teaching our children in the public schools her actions demonstrate that she truly cares for the well being of our Community.

As the founder of the Carson Animal Services initiative (CASI) her efforts were pivotal in the development of our new Animal Shelter.

Whether its people or critters Lisa cares and gets the job done!

She is not a career politician rather she is a citizen like you and me with strong leadership skills and a history of giving to her community.

I look forward to the honesty and integrity Lisa will bring to our City government as 4th Ward Supervisor.

Monique Giron

Carson City

Ackerman is the change we need

Patricia Ackerman, candidate for Congressional District 2, has priorities and values in alignment with mine: restoring truth, accountability, oversight and transparency in government. She is unafraid and will not passively stand on the sidelines allowing Corruption to bully us. She will fight back by ending Citizens United because campaign finance reform is critical to taking back our government.

She supports shifting our economic system toward balance through a Living Wage, no less than $12 per hour and transitioning within the next 2 years to $15 per hour. She is committed to improving and redesigning our very broken Health Care system ultimately to Universal Healthcare system for all. Lowering Prescription Drug Prices by creating a bill that would increase the number of drugs that will be subject to negotiation and fully repeal the ban on Medicare negotiating drug prices.

Patricia will vote for funding of Rural Clinics and Telemedicine through highspeed internet. Climate Change and Clean Energy is our biggest threat. Patricia is committed to making the dramatic change from fossil fuels to sustainable, clean renewable energy sources. A full transition to clean energy would dramatically increase the Jobs in Nevada with a minimum of 8,000 new stable jobs created once we commit to renewables! Nevada was ranked next to last in Education in the nation in 2019.

Patricia will fight for Universal pre-K and Social Services for our children so they have the support they needed to focus on learning. Visit www.ackerman4Congress.com Your vote is your voice and it matters!

Judith Moore

Carson City

Ackerman a fierce warrior

I support Patricia Ackerman to represent Nevada’s Congressional District 2. She is on a path to turn District 2 from Red to Blue by defeating Mark Amodei in November.

Ackerman can beat Amodei.

A long-time resident of Douglas County, Patricia wants to keep our public lands in public hands for things like recreation and hunting, rather than turning public lands into suburban and exurban sprawl. Patricia wants to empower our local farmers and ranchers through things like the “Made in Rural America” initiative, which connects American farmers to global markets, emphasizing on the need for fair and open trade policies.

Patricia supports expanding Social Security benefits as well as strengthening healthcare access for seniors. Almost 75% of the people she's listened to are demanding lower healthcare costs and better access. Patricia completely agrees, and has her own personal tragedy of losing her mother prematurely due to access and costs. Nothing will stand in her way to improving a very broken system.

Patricia wants to implement universal paid sick and family leave.

Climate change is a top priority for Patricia Ackerman. Phasing out fossil fuels and developing clean, renewable energy is not only the right thing to do, economically and health wise, it will bring thousands of great paying jobs to Nevada.

Let’s Go Nevada! Vote Ackerman on or before the June 9 Primary. Join me in sending this fierce warrior to Congress and watch what she can do!

Kelley Cone Hopkins


Carson lucky to have Schuette

I am supporting Lisa Schuette for Carson City Supervisor. Lisa has a history of serving this community, bringing good people together to work collaboratively, and getting things done. It has been so exciting to work on her campaign and during these past several months I have seen firsthand the work ethic that Lisa will bring to the job of Supervisor.

Since her decision to run, Lisa has done her homework. She has studied the master plan and met with staff of the city’s many departments to clarify her understanding of how the city operates. She has listened to voters and answered their questions honestly. She will make decisions based on the hard work of research and the skill of listening to all stakeholders.

Carson City is so fortunate to have Lisa Schuette as a candidate for Ward 4 Supervisor. She will serve this city with integrity.

Susan Hoffman

Carson City


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