Western Nevada College Virtual Choir debuts with ‘One Day More’

Western Nevada College, working with a core of performers from the Western Nevada Musical Theatre Company, has created a virtual choir — Broadway Rising! — to share the power and beauty of Broadway during these times when live performance is no longer possible.

Since WNMTC's most inspiring experience on stage was “Les Misérables” in fall of 2013, it seemed fitting to select “One Day More” from that musical as the musical theatre company’s first project.

“It moved everyone in the cast, crew, orchestra and audience so deeply that I thought it only fitting that this be our first project,” said Stephanie Arrigotti, a producer and director for WNMTC. “Several of the soloists in this number were the leads in our 2013 production.”

The production staff for the virtual choir includes Arrigotti as the producer and artistic director; Judy Monson, vocal director; Tristan Selzler, music technician; and Tara Burke, graphic artist.

“Kudos to Judy, Tristan and Tara for their commitment and tenacity working through this new art form,” Arrigotti said.

To listen to “One Day More” from Broadway Rising!, go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Y_lYaU3848&feature=youtu.be.

Broadway Rising! has 39 people in the choir from several states and Canada. In the fall, WNC will expand these university-transferable offerings to include a virtual singing and dancing musical theatre ensemble, “That’s Entertainment,” that will open with "One" from “Chorus Line.” Both of these performing arts courses are open to all without audition.

“If you'd like to perform with us, we'd love to welcome you,” Arrigotti said.

For information, contact Stephanie.Arrigotti@wnc.edu.


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