18 COVID-19 cases reported in past week at Churchill schools

Churchill County, which not long ago had one of the best COVID-19 transmission rates, is seeing a swarm as cases are increasing throughout the state.
After hovering near the 3-4 percent mark last month and posting a 1.3 percentage two months ago, the county’s positivity rate has skyrocketed into double digits. As of Monday, the county was flagged for elevated disease transmission with a 10.5-percent test positivity rate (14-day with 7-day lag) and 842 cases per 100,000 (last 30 days). The county also had the fifth-highest case rate.
And it’s starting to affect the schools. 
In the last week, Churchill County School District reported 18 cases among staff and students at Numa Elementary, E.C. Best Elementary, Lahontan Elementary, Churchill County Middle School and Churchill County High School. No cases have been reported at Oasis Academy College Prep.
Even with the increase, the district said it will continue to remain open for those enrolled in the morning and afternoon model.
“The rise in cases in Churchill CSD is reflective of the overall rise in cases countywide,” Superintendent Dr. Summer Stephens said. “The district reviews each situation and determines the best course of action on a daily basis. We continue to promote the use of face coverings, good respiratory hygiene and proper physical distancing to continue to protect students and staff from illness.”
In a release posted on its Facebook page last week, the school district has asked its staff to ensure families and students know what is expected from them should it have to transition into a remote learning format. With the increase in cases and exclusions, the district is asking staff to prepare for any situation that it may encounter.
The district said it has taken all measures of action related to the safety and well-being of all students and staff in each building and is committed to providing the most current and verified COVID-19 information available.
All students and staff identified as primary exposures through contact tracing were contacted by school officials.
Last week’s case summary included the following:
On Nov. 2, four high school students and one middle school student who last attended school between Oct. 23-27, including one who was excluded for more than 10 days, were reported to test positive.
On Nov. 3, two Numa students who last attended in-person instruction on Oct. 22, and one E.C. Best student who last attended in person on Oct. 26 were reported. 
On Nov. 4, three cases – all staff – were reported at Lahontan with the most recent in-person attendance on Nov. 3. 
On Nov. 5, one high school student who was last in attendance on Oct. 28 tested positive as reported, and two Lahontan staff members, who either work with remote learners or with a limited number of in-person students, also tested positive and were last on campus Nov. 2-3. 
On Nov. 6, three high school students, who were last in attendance on Oct. 28-29, and one Numa staff member, who was last on campus on Nov. 5, were reported as positive cases.


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