Faith & Insight: Happy Thanksgiving, all year long

Well, did you have a happy Thanksgiving?

Last Friday my younger brother in law passed away.

Because of the pandemic, we couldn’t spend Thanksgiving with all of our family.

Happy Thanksgiving??

I was just now reading Psalm 103 and realized that at all times and in all seasons, we have many reasons to be thankful, to bless, and to praise the Lord! Let’s notice reasons to be thankful from King David’s words in that text.

“Let my whole being bless the Lord! Let everything inside me bless his holy name! Let my whole being bless the Lord and never forget all his good deeds” (Psalm 103:1).

Now, fasten your seat belt as we look at David’s list of reasons to be thankful.

God forgives our sins… heals illnesses… lifts us from the pits… is faithful in love and compassion… gives us plenty of good things… refreshes his children… works righteousness… helps the oppressed… makes his ways known… is merciful, patient, and faithful to love… is slow to judge and punish… is our loving parent… knows that we are human… is from forever back to forever forward… reaches out to our grandchildren… and rules over all!

“All God’s creatures, bless the Lord! Everywhere, throughout his kingdom, let my whole being bless the Lord!” (Psalm 103:22)

So, have a Happy Thanksgiving — all year long!

Bruce Henderson, minister, Airport Road Church of Christ


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