2020 General Election: Carson City School District, District 7

Joe Cacioppo

Position: School Board Trustee - Carson City School District, District 7 (Re-Election)

Address: 699 Lucas Drive, Carson City, Nevada 89701

Occupation: Civil Engineer (P.E.) – Licensed in Nevada & California

Age: 54 years

Joe Cacioppo

Contact Information: joe@rci-nv.com; www.Joe4SchoolBoard.com; Facebook page: Re-Elect Joe Cacioppo – Carson City School District

Record of Service: Carson City School Board Trustee: 2012 - 2020 (Completing my 2nd term) 2020 Vice-President, 2016 President

Carson City Parks & Recreation Commissioner: 2014 to 2020

Northern Nevada Development Authority: Committee Member from 2016 – Current

United States Army: Active Duty Infantry (11B & 11C): 1984 – 1988

United States Army: Reservist (71L): 1988 – 1992

Education: Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering; California State University; Chico 1993

Platform: To ensure Carson City students are well represented so they have the education and educational opportunities required to succeed in their careers and/or college pursuits. I will continue to do this by effectively advocating for students, continually working to improve standardized assessments, improving Nevada’s educational ranking, introducing students to diverse career paths and education opportunities, and promoting physical and mental fitness and well-being. These combined with ensuring effective and sustainable curriculum, and secure access to it, is available to all students in an equitable manner is what our students deserve and what I will provide.

What makes you the most qualified candidate for this position: I am a 24-year resident of Carson City with eight years of experience and leadership as a Carson City School Board Trustee. I am co-owner of a local civil engineering, water rights, environmental and Natural Resource planning consulting firm where I am responsible for professional and support staffing, finances, marketing, and project schedules. I am 29-years happily married to an elementary school teacher, and have three young-adult children who received their K-12 education and graduated from our school district. My 20 years of experience in our school district dates back to 2000 and includes my capacity as an engineering consultant, Master Plan and Bond Oversight committee member, Ormsby County Education Association 2008 Friend of Education Award recipient, high school cross country and track volunteer coach, and district-wide mentor and volunteer. I understand all aspects of our K-12 education from district operations, site administration, curriculum needs, Collective Bargaining groups (Classified, Certified, Nursing and Administration unions), classroom teaching and needs, site operations and education funding at the local, State and Federal levels.

I track national education trends, consistently coordination with K-12 schools and universities in multiple states, and actively participate with the Nevada State Education Association and Nevada Association of School Boards. In addition, I am an active community member for the past 24-years who has an exceptional relationship of trust and partnering with our Carson City government, including the Mayor’s office, Board of Supervisors, Planning Commission, City Planning and Public Works, Library and Sheriff’s office. I bring my military, private sector, and public sector experience together with my family values to ensure our students have well-rounded, professional, fiscally responsible, and caring representation.

Joy Trushenski 

Position Sought: Carson City School Board Trustee, District 7

Address: 4158 Stampede Drive

Occupation: Retired after 22 years as a Caseworker from the Nevada Department of Corrections

Age: 69 years old

Contact: Truejoy927@att.net or Facebook/Joy Trushenski

Record of service: Navy Veteran: served 5 years in Submarine Surveillance w/ Secret Clearance and 5 years in the Navy Reserves

Joy Trushenski 

Served as a Non-paid Lobbyist for Conservative Causes at the last 3 Legislative sessions

Education: Have a Bachelors of Science Degree in Sociology from Kearney State College, Kearney, Nebraska

Platform: I am running for the Carson City School Board in opposition to Common Core Education system currently in our Nevada schools. Common Core, also call Nevada Academic Content Standards, is failing our children at every level of education. Nevada education from k-12 ranks 50 out of 50 states. The whole system is under copy right laws, so it can not be changed. This stifles creativity and innovation. The lessons are administered on computers and lap tops so teachers are merely monitors. Parent do not have access to what is actually being taught and this is wrong. Our children are not being taught phonics, reading and writing properly. Math and Science Standards are poor. The curriculum is anti-American, anti-Capitalism and biased against our Founding Father’s teachings and ideals. Our children are being indoctrinated into believing Socialism is good. Such courses as American Imperialism and WWI and Race Course Against White Supremacy are taught. Common Core treats the United Nations as an ideal organization and the idea that climate change is due to human use of fossil fuels without alternative views. There is no debate, just group think in Common Core.

Under Common Core, a massive amount of information is being collected about our children including personal identifiable information, biometric data, web browsing history and behavioral, disciplinary and medical information. Also, sex education begins in kindergarten and the curriculum for all grades was developed by Planned Parenthood. Do parents know about these things?

What makes you the most qualified candidate for this position: I support parental rights to have a say in what is being taught and want to bring back traditional teaching methods and curriculum. I support an fair and balanced teaching of American history and Government. I want politicians to stop seeing education in term funding and end this horrible education system called Common Core.

I believe I am qualified to be a School Board member because I have knowledge and experience working with a variety of people not only as a caseworker but as a lobbyist. I want the best for our children and nation and will work with parents and school administrators to bring about positive change.


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