Campaign sign vandalism worse than ever, Carson City sheriff says

Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong says this year they are dealing with more reports of damaged and stolen political signs than in the past.

”In addition to the regular candidate signs, it seems that many residents are displaying U.S. flags along with some candidate flags,” he said.

Furlong said many of those have also fallen to vandals and thieves.

He said the best protection against this vandalism is families in neighborhoods looking out for each other. He said residential cameras can be key to identifying the perpetrators of these criminal acts.

“Neighbors should not just assume that the yard signs missing from across the street were taken down by the homeowner,” he said. “Please watch over one another as the best witnesses are often across or just down the street from where the vandalism took place.”

He said those vandals need to know that what they do could result in severe consequences including a felony charge if the vandalism results in severe property damage.


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