Officials warn drivers about Virginia Range horses

The Nevada Departments of Agriculture and Transportation are warning motorists to use extreme caution when driving in the Virginia Range area.

“We see an increase in horse activity during the summer and fall months when horses in this area cross roadways or enter neighborhoods in search of food and water sources,” said Doug Farris, agriculture’s Animal Industry division administrator.

He said the growing urban/suburban spread in the area combined with the horse population is a clear public safety risk.

NDOT officials say there were 240 horse-related crashes between 2017 and 2019, 45 of which resulted in people being injured and one person’s death.

NDOT has installed wildlife fencing along Highway 50 and Alternate 395 as well as USA Parkway. Three wildlife under crossings have also been built to try to keep the horses off the roadways.

More fencing is planned next year in the Dayton area.

Officials say drivers must be alert and cautious in the area that includes Fernley, Dayton, Lockwood, south Reno, Hidden Valley, Silver Springs, Virginia City and east Carson City.

They said the most dangerous time is at dusk and at night.


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