Carson City marks Sept. 11 anniversary on Friday

Friday marks the 19th anniversary when two highjacked passenger jets slammed into the World Trade Center in addition to the Pentagon and a field in western Pennsylvania.

Friday marks the 19th anniversary when two highjacked passenger jets slammed into the World Trade Center in addition to the Pentagon and a field in western Pennsylvania.

Nineteen years ago, many in the United States viewed Sept. 11 as a defining moment after hijacked passenger jets slammed into the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon. Passengers took control of Flight 93 from terrorists, but they couldn’t prevent the jet from nosediving in a field in western Pennsylvania. Almost 3,000 souls died on that day and more than 6,000 were injured.

Every year on this day, Carson City pays its respects to first responders, military personnel and neighbors who performed valiantly to save others.

“In the face of the horrific attack, being in pain that ripped us at our core, we rose from ashes as a nation resolved and committed to care for one another and fight against evil and rebuild stronger,” said Patrick Propster, pastor of Cavalry Chapel Church. “Following the largest attack on American soil we worked together as one, one as overcomers. Overcomers as a nation, overcomers in Christ.”

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the restriction placed on gatherings, Propster said this year’s event on Friday will be different. He said Mayor Bob Crowell and the Carson City Christian Ministerial Fellowship are inviting the area’s individuals and families to visit the memorial site at Mills Park sometime during the day to use the time in prayer and reflection. Propster said the mayor reminds everyone who visits the memorial site to practice Centers for Disease Controls guidelines.

The memorial site near the pavilion’s entrance and others around the country were built to remind others to “Never Forget” the worst attack on American soil. In previous years, Propster said Crowell, Sheriff Kenny Furlong and Fire Chief Sean Slamon spoke to the gathering in addition to local members from the religious community. The Christian Ministerial Fellowship also invited city and state officials and community leaders to speak. Comments reflected on compassion, courage, love and the sacrifice to save others.

“This year the memorial site will be draped with a beautiful floral bouquet of remembrance for the lives that were lost on that day and the days that follow,” Propster said. “The floral arrangement also expresses our gratitude and thanksgiving to all first responders, armed forces, law enforcement and those in the medical profession, hospitals and staff and our country’s leaders. These are the brave Americans that put their lives on the line for each of us.”

When people visit the memorial, Propster encourages them to gaze at the piece of metal that once fortified the World Trade Center. He said visitors should take time to show their thanks for the country, our way of life, families, friends, churches, schools and jobs.

“Especially on this day in particular be thankful for our public servants and first responders,” he said. “May they always be there when we need them when we call. Lastly, be thankful for living in the home of the brave and the land of the free, being proud to be an American.”

After the events of that late summer day in 2001, Propster said scenes of love, respect, gratitude and care gripped the nation, and the national media gave updates and presented stories of heroism, care, courage, faith and hope. He described how the backbone of America was in full view, and globally, how we as “One Nation under God” helped each other.

Propster said the list has expanded since that time to include those who are taking care of the elderly and convalescing and also for residents who are assisting others and their needs at area shelters, churches, schools and homes.

“Also, special prayers to the everyday heroes in home throughout the land raising their children in these uncertain times,” Propster added. “Though uncertain at times we can be certain we are not alone, the Lord is with us.”


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