Carson City road projects get go ahead

The Regional Transportation Commission gave the go ahead to Carson City’s next major road projects.

The five projects are all in what Public Works calls district 3 comprising east Carson City south of Highway 50.

The projects are prioritized and may not all be funded depending on actual costs. Gas tax collections, which fund road work, have dropped due to the ongoing pubic health crisis and the city has roughly $849,000 to spend in fiscal year 2021 rather than $1.2 million, the average budget in recent years.

The five projects in order of priority are rehab of 5th Street, between Fairview Drive and Marsh Road, estimated at $560,000; pavement preservation work on Old Clear Creek Road between U.S. 395 and Vista Grande Boulevard, estimated at $55,000, and on Lompa Lane between U.S. 50 and Menlo Drive, estimated at $37,000, which are both ranked second in priority; Snyder Avenue between Bigelow Drive and Center Drive, another preservation project estimated at $27,000; and a $170,000 project on Deer Run Road between U.S. 50 and a half mile north of Sedge Road.

Public Works staff reached out to its citizens panel for comment on the proposed work. Dirk Goering, senior transportation planner, said several other projects were suggested, including South Lompa Lane, a heavily trafficked road between Edmonds and Fairview drives. That project would cost an estimated $500,000, which would mean the city’s biggest priority, the 5th Street project, would fall off the list.

The RTC discussed some grant opportunities that might help stretch the budget.

“I’d like to find ways to keep the districts even,” said Supervisor Lori Bagwell, who sits on the commission.

Public Works utilizes a pavement management plan that concentrates work in one part of town each year and rotates it between five districts.

The RTC also approved a Community Development Block Grant application for $131,637 to make ADA improvements along Colorado Street, between California Street and Saliman Road, and the 2020 Carson City Safe Routes to School Master Plan.


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