Standoff with woman asking Carson City deputies to kill her ends peacefully

A woman who called deputies asking them to kill her was on her way to the hospital Tuesday after a three-hour standoff on Prison Hill.

The woman called a friend in California to say she wanted deputies to kill her. The friend notified dispatch shortly after 9 a.m. saying the woman claimed to have at least two weapons, a rifle and a shotgun.

Sheriff Ken Furlong said she made repeated threats as deputies closed in and but that the rifle turned out to be a BB gun. He didn’t know what the other weapon was.

The woman’s mother told deputies that her daughter has mental issues. Furlong said they believe she was also under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Deputies managed to talk her into giving up and removed her from the hill near Carson City’s southern border without injury to deputies or the woman.

Furlong said she will be evaluated for her mental condition.

Her name was not released.


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