Both major parties in Nevada lose voters in March

Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske says both major parties lost voters in March while the number of non-partisans continued to grow.
Democrats still lead Republicans in active registered voters. Democrats have 649,941 on the rolls statewide. Republicans number 569,309. Those numbers are decreases from February of 4,708 and 4,855 respectively.
Non-partisans, meanwhile, added 5,378 over the month for a total of 447,735 active voters.
Those registered with the Independent American Party also decreased as well but only by 230. That party has 82,362 members. Libertarians too saw a decrease but by just 19 members. Nevada has 17,626 Libertarians.
The “other minor parties” also made gains during March, adding 3,792 for a total of 37,939.
There are now 1.8 million active registered voters in Nevada. While that is a decrease of 642 compared to February, Cegavske attributed the change to routine voter list maintenance by county registrars.


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