Legislature faces Friday deadline for bill passage

Friday is the Nevada Legislature’s deadline for passage of non-exempt bills from committee in the house where they were introduced.
That deadline will be followed April 20 by the deadline to pass legislation out of the house where it was introduced.
Those deadlines do not apply to exempt bills, primarily those measures that have a significant impact on the state budget. But leadership in the Assembly and Senate has the power to exempt non-budgetary measures.
Because of that looming deadline, Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro, D-Las Vegas, said the Senate will not meet again until Monday, April 12.
She said that will give standing committees time to hear and act on dozens of bills Thursday and Friday.
Bills without an exemption that don’t get voted out of committee before the close of business Friday are dead unless leadership resurrects them. Normally, a significant number of pieces of legislation die on this first major deadline. Sometimes it takes the Legislative Counsel Bureau several days to track them all down and post a list on the legislative website.
The Assembly already took off Wednesday but, as of 1 p.m., still listed a floor session for Thursday. That floor session, however, appeared to be brief according to the Daily File posted online. The Assembly isn’t expected to hold a floor session Friday.
Cannizzaro advised senators that, beginning Monday, a number of standing rules will be suspended to allow for multiple floor sessions next week to get the surviving bills moving through committees since the first house passage deadline is just over a week away.


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