Tammy Westergard named 2020 Nevada Librarian of the Year

Tammy Westergard

Tammy Westergard

The Nevada Library Association named Tammy Westergard, former administrator of the Nevada State Library, Archives and Public Records Division, the 2020 Librarian of the Year.
“Ms. Westergard is the hardest working librarian in Nevada and, on behalf of the association, we’re thrilled to present the highest honor we grant in recognition of her numerous accomplishments and leadership,” said Forrest Lewis, 2020 president of the Nevada Library Association and director of the North Las Vegas Library District. “Due to her vision of what the future of libraries looks like, Nevada libraries are often leading in terms of innovation and adoption of the latest technology and techniques. Her belief and support go beyond the programs, it’s her passion and she lives it.”
Westergard’s work is focused on keeping “kids learning and adult earning” and, in the face of the ongoing worldwide pandemic and a statewide catastrophic economic crisis, has inspired librarians throughout Nevada and remained diligent in finding solutions to meet the librarian and users’ needs.
An online forum “Tuesdays with Tammy,” conducted every week from March to December 2020 designed to create an environment in which Nevada library professionals could freely share insights, knowledge, expertise and above all, support each other in the face of unprecedented uncertainty.
Westergard’s undying persistence and vision of the role libraries must play in the recovery of Nevada’s workforce was critical to the award of $13.8 million of federal grant money to the State of Nevada as part of the Supporting and Advancing Nevada’s Dislocated Individuals (SANDI) grant.
The Nevada State Library will receive $5.3 million of that grant money to carry forward major programmatic portions of the grant, positioning the library as a vital solution to the problems Nevadans face.
Continual effort to adapt and integrate the latest in innovation to truly become a library of the 21st century.
Westergard received her award during a virtual presentation in recognition of National Library Workers Day as part of National Library Week.
This year’s theme, “Welcome to Your Library,” promotes the community involvement of the library beyond the four walls of a building while reminding residents that the library and its services are welcome to everyone.
In fact, during last year and throughout the pandemic, libraries have quickly adapted to the changes required to meet the needs of the patrons – often developing, implementing, or installing resources to better accommodate everyone. Libraries have filled the gap and continue to do so with in-person and virtual programming, online access and touchless services that provide needed access for students and adults alike.
Nevada Library Association is open to anyone interested in promoting library services of the highest quality for all present and potential users of libraries in Nevada.


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