Carson City Sheriff’s Office unveils off-highway vehicles

In 2013, the Carson City Sheriff’s Office Patrol/Traffic Unit added two off-road motorcycles in an effort to increase educational activities targeted for off-road users with emphasis on the safe and legal use of the surrounding recreational areas.
Recently, the Carson City Sheriff’s Office was awarded a $61,453 grant through the State of Nevada Off-Highway Vehicle Program. This grant enabled the purchase of an off-road vehicle and accessories, further expanding the capabilities of the OHV program in Carson City’s open space territories.
The awarded funds have gone toward the purchase and outfitting of a side-by-side off-road vehicle, a trailer, helmets, and gear. In addition, funds will support patrol activities and educational opportunities specifically targeted for off-road enthusiasts.
The Carson City Sheriff’s Office will deploy the new side-by-side and updated off-road dirt bikes at future public events and on a regular basis in the surrounding off-road areas of Carson City, including the Prison Hill OHV Park. The goal is to continue to expand on current outreach efforts with educational weekend events, including safety training, and working with groups to promote safe and responsible use of Carson City’s off-road areas as well as enforcement as necessary.


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