Senate bill revamps how PEBP board members are appointed

Nevada Legislature

Nevada Legislature

The Nevada Senate on Friday approved legislation restricting the governor’s ability to make appointments to the Public Employee Benefits Program board.
Existing law allows union representatives to suggest a list of potential board members for the governor to consider in making appointments for the two NSHE representatives, two retirees and two classified worker members.
SB360 by Sen. Marilyn Dondero Loop, D-Las Vegas would instead mandate that the governor choose those six board members from the lists submitted by the unions representing them.
That, according to Sen. Ben Kieckhefer, R-Reno, would give those unions effective control of the 10-member board.
“It’s clearly a takeover of the entire PEBP board by the executive branch collective bargaining units,” he said.
He said the legislation would greatly reduce the governor’s ability to keep some balance in the voting membership of the board.
The bill passed on a party line vote with Republicans opposed.
It goes to the Assembly.


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