Jim Valentine: These times and real estate

Jim Valentine on Real Estate

Jim Valentine on Real Estate

We are experiencing some interesting times in Northern Nevada these days. We lost our mountains for a few days because of the smoke blowing in from several fires in the area, and now we are told that COVID-19 has changed its appearance, disposition, characteristics, or something or other that is causing us to mask up again albeit in a modified manner from the extreme masking practices that we were advised to utilize while the scientists and politicians got their knowledge and ideas formulated.
Residential real estate sales still require the COVID-19 addendum to be part of the transaction documentation, that never went away as there was still a lingering uncertainty as to the status of the virus. Now we are told we have to mask up again if we are indoors.
There is the question of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated and who needs to wear a mask, when, and why, but that is not our business right now, nor do we know the answer yet. The point is that when you enter someone’s home to look at it you don’t know their status, vulnerability, or anything else and there may be a morphed virus lurking on you, your clothing, or in your lungs that you could expunge into the air and compromise them. Looks like we’ll be masking up to show homes again for awhile.
The fires generated more consequences than smoke. We just learned today that we may have a delay in closing a home sale because the insurance companies the buyer is contacting aren’t binding policies right now due to the fires. The Tamarack Fire was 14 miles south of the subject property, but some underwriter, likely bunkered in and masked up somewhere because of COVID-19, won’t allow a policy to be written. There is and was never a threat of fire from the Tamarack Fire at that location, but insurance companies tend to err on the side of caution. That situation is a work in progress.
There has been a lot of time lost during the recent surge of fires. The road closures caused a lot of drivers to reroute, some for a significant loss of time. Evacuees that were involved in real estate transactions had to extend their time frames for performance as their lives were put on evacuation hold. Of course their counterparts in the transaction also lost time while they waited for things to calm down for those evacuated.
While the firefighters and the gigantic support effort backing them up were on the payroll and getting paid for their time, the many volunteers that helped rescue pets and livestock, support the evacuation centers and otherwise tend to the needs of those impacted by the fire were not compensated for the many hours they donated to help those in need. The totality of those hours is immense.
With all of this commotion in our lives, there are many volunteers that are working to give the youth of our community some sense of normalcy to get their lives back on track. Pop Warner football and cheerleading is ramping up to start their fall season after having had a year off due to COVID. Other youth sports and activities are also gaining traction and anxious to get the kids out of the house and interacting with one another again. Fortunately, we can do so in Northern Nevada without the negative interference of self-serving politicians or a-social miscreants that other communities have to deal with.
We still live in communities in Northern Nevada that understand the community is only as good as the people living and serving it. We are here to help one another and we see that play out every day. Sometimes we are stressed into action, but most of the time it happens in a simple nice manner, i.e., waiting at a four-way stop while everybody signals the others to go first. Common decency and kindness. It is alive and well here, and, hopefully, those migrating in will appreciate this aspect of living here and blend in accordingly.
Lightning strikes, power outages, road closures, etc. are all part of living in this great region. Enjoy them for what they are and be happy!
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Joe 1 month, 3 weeks ago

While I may partake in "Common decency and kindness" at a four way stop, that doesn't mean I don't first find out if a local business is owned by a R or a D. I boycott all D businesses if at all possible after how they've treated us for the past 5 years. I didn't start this war, I just joined the fight.

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