Letters to the editor for December 22, 2021

Cows do a lot for quality of life
Guy W. Farmer asked, “How does a slaughterhouse improve our quality of life?” I realize the topic of concern is about a satisfactory location, and am sympathetic with all legitimate objections.
But he and “public opinion” might be more supportive of the need knowing how many of their “quality of life” necessities are partially made from beef by-products:
Household Items: Deodorants, detergents, creams and lotions, glue, crayons, insulation, linoleum, paper, soaps, shaving cream.
Pharmaceuticals: Chymotrypsin for healing of burns/wounds, cortisol anti-inflammatory, Glucagon, Heparin, Pancreatin, Thrombin, and blood factor drugs.
Travel: Tires, auto/jet/outboard engine oils and lubricants and brake fluid, biodiesel/biofuel, asphalt and antifreeze.
Textiles: Leather, shoes/boots, belts, purses, wallets, gloves, sports equipment, furniture upholstery.
In addition beef is a “power” food which gives the most nutrients for calories consumed for energy... zinc, iron, protein (ZIP). It is also one of the best sources of B vitamins necessary for a healthy nervous system and fighting infection.
(Reference: WOW that COW brochure, Nevada Beef Council, Carson City)
Cattle make significant contributions to our very lives. We ALL need a “solution we can live with” to “process” them, not just ranchers. They are so much more than just a “damn cow,” sir.
Joy Uhart

Slaughterhouse in Carson City?
While pondering the proposed project to build a slaughterhouse in northeast Carson City, it makes me question why they would build this near a residential area. In my view, they are treating us as second-class citizens.
Being a resident of northeast Carson, this makes me very angry. This project would lower our home values by making our area less desirable to live. This will bring a terrible stench, constant noise and massive flies to our area.
Although the cows are coming from Douglas County and are raised there, they don't want the slaughterhouse there. I wonder why. Why should we accept building it here in our backyard? I'm strongly opposed to this project and I'm sure I'm not the only one.
Patricia Thomas
Carson City


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