Letters to the Editor for February 3, 2021

 Thank you Parks and Rec
A big thank you to the Parks and Rec staff for clearing the snow from the Carson City Senior Center parking lot three days in a row. We were worried that the snow would hamper our senior meal service which takes place weekdays from 11 a.m. to noon.
For our drive through service, cars form lines that wind throughout our parking lot. We also serve seniors who walk up to the center and with all the snow, we were concerned for their safety.
The Parks and Rec snow team was here early. They completely cleaned both driveways to the center, the parking lots and all the walkways including the stairs. The team piled snow in convenient locations, sanded the icy areas and left before the first car showed up for lunch.
Their professionalism and efficiency enabled us to serve our community and we are very grateful.
Courtney Warner
Carson City
Learn about score voting
Is the United States united?
Has gridlock gone from the government?
Does the government now hear the voices of the voters?
People do not realize that our polarization, gridlock, and voter disenfranchisement flow directly from our system of voting.
Plurality voting causes this by tying each voter to only one candidate. Candidates have no incentive to reach out to voters in another political tribe, as a voter can only choose one and will only choose the candidate closest to them politically. Plurality voting divides our electorate. When we have several highly qualified candidates supporting the center-majority, these “walls” split their vote allowing a less desired candidate to win.
We solve this problem when every voter can score every candidate; the high score wins. Score voting systems include approval voting and STAR voting and end our uncivil war. Since voters can provide their input on all candidates, and the system uses all of that input to determine the outcome, candidates must reach out across the electorate to gather as much support as possible. The best place to do that is from the center-majority.
With score voting systems, our candidates move en masse to the center-majority. I encourage all of your readers to seek more information and support efforts to implement score voting systems. Interested voters who want to create this positive change can learn more at https://scorevoting.swarmage.net and https://scorevoting.net.
We will never cure the disease until we remove the cause. We know what to do; now we must do it.
Tedman Getschman
Carson City
Perilous times and historic parallels
On Feb. 27, 1933 there was an arson attack on the German parliament. Even though Walter Gempp, head of the Berlin fire department, presented evidence that suggested Nazi involvement in the fire, the Nazis with the help of their media allies, successfully demonized and blamed the fire on Hitler’s political opposition.
This led to the passage of the Enabling Act and the suspension of civil liberties. Members of parliament who opposed passage of the act were either arrested or intimidated by the Nazi goon squads, the notorious and violent Sturmabteilung or SA. The emergency powers granted by the act allowed Hitler to rule by decree, effectively making Hitler dictator of Germany.
Then on June 30, 1934, Hitler fearing the leadership of SA, many of whom actually believed the Nazi rhetoric, had become too powerful and posed a potential threat to his rule, ordered his elite SS guards to murder or imprison his former allies turned political rivals, thus cementing his position as undisputed ruler of Germany.
As a side note: Walter Gempp was dismissed, arrested and murdered in prison. In 1943 Hermann Goring, one of Hitler’s ministers and head of the German Air Force, bragged that he had set the fire although many believe this was just bravado and that a SA commando group led by Hans Gewehr actually started the fire.
Mike Rodgick
Carson City
Biden eliminating jobs
I watched and listened to the inauguration speech by President Joe Biden and was pleased he spoke of unity and bringing the country back together.
He spoke of creating many high paying jobs for Americans, making America stronger by buying American products, and working hard to establish better relations with foreign countries.
In less than 24 hours after assuming office he signs an executive order stopping construction of the oil pipeline thus eliminating thousands of high paying jobs for Americans and Canadians, pushing the U.S. back to reliance on foreign oil and straining relations with one of our closest allies, Canada. He did this all in the name of environmental improvements. He said he would base his decisions on science and would be working for all Americans.
The pipeline approval was done based on science and 10 years of permitting to ensure environmental requirements were met. More than half of all oil is not used to produce gasoline, but is used in medicines, cosmetics, plastics, synthetic rubber, cleaning products and asphalt.
This decision will eventually increase the cost of living for every American. I wonder who Biden is serving because it doesn't look like he is serving Americans. Too bad he didn't do what he said he would do… again.
William Knight
Carson City
Inventory your home for fossil fuels
For those who are eager to eliminate the fossil fuel industry I encourage you to do an inventory in your home. You will probably find hair shampoo, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, syrup and other items contained in plastic.
If you dropped one of those containers it would not break, thus saving you from having to clean up a mess as well as possibly having to spend money on a replacement. You will find other items that also would be more expensive to buy if other materials were used. Just something to think about.
David Neely
Farmer is right
Long before the horrific Capitol insurrection in Washington, D.C. I read little public condemnation and prosecution for other terroristic acts in our country. While terrorism in Seattle and Portland decimated those communities there was little outspoken outrage shown by federal/state leaders. This is in sharp contrast to the recent Washington events.
Guy Farmer’s column, “Condemning domestic terrorism,” is the first public mention that I have found stating that setting fire to police stations and throwing Molotov cocktails at law enforcement and terrorizing local businesses are just as egregious and should be condemned as publicly and loudly. Where are the voices of our elected leaders denouncing terroristic acts that have been occurring for the last year?
A large disparity exists between arresting and prosecuting those who attacked the Capitol and those who inflicted violent acts upon other U.S. cities.
I agree with Farmer, domestic terrorism should be denounced equally, whether it comes from the left or the right or anywhere in between.
Monique Giron
Carson City
Vaccine roll out flawed
This COVID thing is finally starting to get to me. I have to say that I am so thankful that none of my friends or family has been adversely affected by this nasty virus.
I am 77-plus with a compromised immunity system. I should be eligible for the vaccination. I really do not care if I get it or not. However, what is really steaming me is the complete failure in Nevada to provide its citizens with reliable information on how to get the “shot.” Is there is "list"? How does one get on it?
With advanced software and hardware one would think that Nevada would have sufficient resources to provide an updated, reliable and simplified method of keeping us informed as to “when and where” these vaccinations can be obtained.
Phone numbers are given and when dialed you are informed to call another number only to be told that you have called the wrong number. Out of frustration my wife and I decided to travel to the Carson City Health and Human Services office at 900 Long St.
Once there we spoke to a lovely receptionist who told us in so many words “sorry we really can’t help you.” However, she gave us the “link” on where and how to find out about the vaccine availability. She then qualified the explanation by informing us to “not pay attention to the calendar as it had a systems flaw.” However you should log on every day as early as possible each morning to see if any dates are available but they fill up fast.
We walked out the door thinking there really must be a better way. Apparently from what I can figure out is that states are allocated on the number off citizens that reside within that state. OK, but is there a “system” that quantifies the age groups within each state? My sister who lives in Florida and a cousin that lives in Maryland have informed me that the governors have devised a working system to inform their citizens and it has been working very well.
Attempting to contact Gov. Sisolak, I was met with an unanswered phone. You would think that the governor could afford an answering machine or a receptionist.
Joel Flamenbaum
Carson City


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