Carson City Sheriff approves new uniform for deputies

 Sheriff Ken Furlong has approved the recommendation for a new uniform to be worn by Carson City Sheriff’s deputies.
The recommendation for acceptance was presented by the Carson City Sheriff’s Deputies Association, as well as the Sheriff’s Supervisory Association, supporting the health, safety, and welfare of law enforcement personnel.
Over the years the law enforcement profession has evolved, requiring officers to carry more and more protective and rescue equipment. As a result, lower back ailments and other injuries were found to be associated with wearing the equipment for a number of consecutive days throughout the career longevity.
In December, the Associations, along with researching officers from the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office, presented solutions that had been studied for years. The solutions addressed professional appearance, safety, all weather wear, weight distribution, and ease of transitioning. The new uniform moves much of the equipment weight off the officer’s hips and onto the shoulders.
This redistribution of weight and equipment provides ready access during the performance of their duties. Additionally, it features accessories that protect other parts of the body from injuries and is sufficiently versatile to provide comfort during long hours of wear.
The initial feedback from officers and the community was overwhelming and positive, which was critical to Furlong’s decision, who insisted that changes must retain a professional appearance that is complimentary to the community. As proposed, the transition to the new uniform is expected to be completed by January 2022.
By phasing in the new uniform requirement, funding is supported by already existing allowances and does not impact the budget of the Sheriff’s Office or overly burden the employees. Sheriff Furlong extends his appreciation to both the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office and the Carson City Deputies who worked so diligently to ensure Carson City Sheriff’s Office meets the health, safety, and welfare needs of everyone, while retaining a professional appearance that is consistent with the department’s vision.


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