Letters to the Editor for February 17, 2021

Carlson shouldn’t validate impeachment
President Trump was a great president. But rather than report on all the good he did for this country in four short years, people like Ursula Carlson can only tout their Ph.D.s and pridefully quote at great length words of men to validate impeachment, when they actually speak of the political party and people that caused, fueled, and fed hatred and disunity like never before in this nation.
If that’s all a professor emerita can do, then I pity her students who are hungry for the truth of what and who really was making this nation great again. Something that to our great demise, teachers educated by socialists refuse to see, support, or report.
Joy Uhart
Trump’s show trial
According to Ursula Carlson, America’s founders would have considered President Trump a power-mad dictator. Is that the Trump who gave us real borders, the Abraham accords that brought peace to the Middle East, an end to trade deals that hurt America, killed terrorist masterminds like Soleimani and al-Baghdadi, rebuilt our military, and facilitated the best economy on record?
Democrats forced through an impeachment because even an acquittal was supposed to destroy Trump’s standing with the people. But it’s had the opposite effect because of the Democrats’ rank hypocrisy, braying that they’ll be collecting our guns and goading their social media partners into monitoring and censoring our speech, among other Gestapo tactics. If the Democrats are so right on the issues, what are they afraid of? Will they demand that your phone company eavesdrop and report what you say?
The mainstream media has taken some clumsy swipes at Trump but Carlson’s, despite hiding behind someone’s academic pedigree, is the most buffoonish in supporting Trump’s un-Constitutional kangaroo impeachment. Would she impeach Democrats who continue to indulge BLM and Antifa riots, looting, and arson from strongholds in Democrat controlled communities? These criminal operating bases have become as permanent as the lost businesses and the innocents injured and killed. The defunded police are the enemy.
Democrat politicians allow these ongoing crime scenes to fester, but call Trump a murderer? Dictators love show trials; keeps their subjects in line.
Lynn Muzzy
Where is the justice?
If Mr. Trump had been found guilty in the impeachment trial, what penalty might he have suffered? Perhaps a blow to his ego? He could not be removed from office, which is the only penalty for conviction because he was already out of office.
Possibly, the Senate could have gone further and banned him from ever holding office again. What would be the point? Is there any real likelihood that he could successfully run for president in 2024, or even try? If he could not win as the incumbent in 2020, any chance of him prevailing in 2024 seems very slim indeed.
Many are disappointed with Mitch McConnell for voting to acquit.
Many believe that if McConnell had voted guilty, a sufficient number of other senators would have followed his lead to ensure a guilty verdict.
Then what? Trump would walk free to continue his mischief. Where is the justice in that? McConnell, by his vote, has left us dissatisfied. He, by voting to acquit and then in his speech making it absolutely crystal clear that Trump could be held to account both criminally and civilly for his actions, practically begged that Trump be charged as a private citizen.
If Trump is charged for his actions, the penalties are severe. There could be years in prison for his being complicit in the resulting deaths, and also he could be subject to substantial fines.
What would be the chances of conviction on multiple charges if a trial was held before a D.C. jury?
James Sadilek
Carson City
Nation is safer without Trump
Senate Republicans have shamefully voted to acquit President Donald J. Trump, for "High Crimes and Misdemeanors" and "Inciting a deadly Insurrection" against our government.
The overwhelming evidence, which was presented by the Democrats, left no doubt that Trump was guilty of these horrific crimes. Still, these gutless senators never had the courage to convict him. They never upheld the oath they swore to "To be fair and impartial" and convict the worse and most dangerous president in U.S. history, even though many were also victims of these horrendous crimes.
Now we must insist that President Biden use his powers under the Constitution and ban Trump access to sensitive national security briefings. Also, it should be noted, that Trump did not allow Biden access to these briefings after the election. Trump has already been shown to be dangerous by conferring with our enemies and insulting our allies. It's frightening and dangerous to our safety what he might do as a private citizen.
Congress can, and must, pass a law forbidding Trump from receiving any taxpayer perks. For the safety of our nation, he should also be banned from ever holding any other federal office again.
A special thanks to Jamye Raskin and all the Democratic senators for their hard work preparing and presenting, and testifying at this impeachment trial. Also, thanks to the seven Republican senators who voted to hold this president accountable for these horrific crimes. As for the rest of them, we'll hold them accountable at the ballot box.
Patricia Thomas
Carson City
Support 30X30
As a student studying wildlife ecology and conservation at the University of Nevada, Reno, I have learned the importance of habitat protection. We are currently in the midst of the Sixth Mass Extinction, and we, humans, are the cause of this crisis.
Habitat destruction and degradation are major causes of biodiversity loss. Protecting lands so that they can continue to provide habitat for our wildlife is crucial.
To some people, protecting wildlife may not seem like an important goal when our country is facing many other challenges. But we must remember that humans are not separate from the natural world, we are a part of it, and we need it to survive. By protecting our lands and our wildlife, we are protecting our future.
President Biden has signed an executive order to protect 30% of the land in the U.S. by 2030. In a letter to Biden, 450 elected U.S officials have showed their support of this 30X30 goal. I urge our Nevada senators and representatives to support the 30X30 goal as well. We are losing our lands and biodiversity at a rapid rate, and we must take action today to combat this loss.
Please call Nevada’s U.S. Sens. Jacky Rosen and Catherine Cortez Masto to urge them to support the 30X30 goal.
Kara Berggren
Carson City


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