A couple of the more popular easier hikes in Carson City

The Carson River is seen from the Ambrose Carson River Natural Area along with a sign for an interpretive trail in the area. (Photo: Kyler Klix/Nevada Appeal)

The Carson River is seen from the Ambrose Carson River Natural Area along with a sign for an interpretive trail in the area. (Photo: Kyler Klix/Nevada Appeal)

Many of the easiest trails to hike around Carson City are near the Carson River. There’s an abundance of life by the river with plants thriving and animals and birds scurrying about. Paths by the river are usually smooth, flat sections without much elevation. The Ambrose Trail and the Riverview Loop have been popular destinations for many years.

Ambrose Trail (0.6 miles):281-309 N. Deer Run Road, Carson City
This area has a short interpretive loop along the Carson River and there are other random paths in the area. The trail begins near the port-o-john in the parking lot. Slightly downhill is a sign showing names of plants in the area and other useful information. To the right of the sign, the trail leads toward the river and offers great views of the mountains in the background. The river runs quietly and slowly in this section.
On a recent morning hike there were many birds active in this area, including two hawks high in the trees scanning the area. Mallards and Canadian geese swam in the chilly water. Several other bird species were flying about and chirping. Evidence of beavers are seen with their marks on several of the trees and by bringing down a few. If you come at the right time or are patient enough, maybe you’ll see them.
The trail gets a bit confusing when a post points to the left, but a path follows the river a bit more. Eventually after turning left, there is a well-worn path that can be found and that leads back to the paved parking area.
This is a very easy hike with just a slight bit of an incline. You can go for a short stroll or explore more of the paths if you have more time. The sagebrush is tall and overgrown in places, but manageable. It’s a great place to do some bird watching.
One Carson.org the trail is listed as damaged, so it is possible some work needs to be done here.
Interpretive trail guide: https://bit.ly/3az0sj8

Riverview Park Loop, 600 Marsh Road, Carson City

Photo: Kyler Klix/Nevada Appeal
There are several benches along the river at the Riverview Loop.


This popular location is home to the Korean War Veterans Memorial Park. There’s a parking area that includes a park with picnic tables. The main loop is 1.6 miles, and there is a path dividing it creating two smaller loops (North Loop: 0.8 miles; South Loop: 1 mile).
It’s an easy, wide and flat path. Beginning toward the right, the path borders the backyards of private homes until it turns left, where there’s a protected waterfowl area.
It reaches an intersection at the irrigation ditch, and the trail winds toward the left. Toward the right is a connecting trail to the Mexican Ditch trail.
The Riverpark Loop follows an irrigation ditch to the river. There are garbage cans along the trail, which show how much use it gets. Along the river there are benches offering places to rest and enjoy the views along the river.
This is a good trail for families and people of all ages.
This area also includes Buzzy’s Ranch Trail. This section connects the Riverview Park Loop to the River Trail, which is at the Carson City River Park. So depending on the length of your walk, you can add this portion if you’d like more mileage.
MAP: https://bit.ly/39P791n

Always remember when hiking to respect nature and other hikers. Leave no trace; pack in what you brought in.

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